0.8.10 - Centaur Chaser and Centaur Raider Trigger Issues

I have a Doombringer party that is experiencing issues with both Centaur Chaser’s Square Nothing (is that supposed to be Spare Nothing, btw? The current name makes no sense) and Centaur Raider’s Anticipation.

“Square” Nothing frequently ‘hits’ for 0 damage even against enemies with minimized defense when the originating hit should have been large enough to splash damage.

Anticipation seems to be frequently just… not working in response to enemy deaths. There are no Realm properties involved, no Traits on either side have any relevant effect, etc. While sometimes the Raider will refuse to attack at all, other times it attacks a target and nothing happens: No 0 hit, no dodge text, it’s a spot with an enemy in it, etc. The Battle History just shows “Centaur Raider attacked!” and then moves on.

This is all happening on a Doombringer, and I think the specialization’s perks might be the weak link here, because using the exact same Centaur Raider on my Grovetender party has none of these issues.