0.8.10 - Centaur Chaser trait does not activate - Windows 7

As the title says, the trait does not seem to activate - particularly, in some battles that initiate on luck when interacting with the certain objects that either give 25 favor or battle + 50 favor + chest

I also use Rabid Dementia / Infernal Charge on Centaur Chaser, but it does not activate even on normal attack.

I think I have also encountered the battle on other types of battle, but I am uncertain.

And (of course) I did not find any realm penalties, enemy traits, etc. that could inhibit it’s activation.

Edit: after another hour or so it stopped happening completely so I really don’t know how to take this - maybe it’s some weird interaction with a trait I had or sth
Edit 2: happened again once so it’s probably not from my synergies