0.8.10 Chysaor's Ambition still not preventing certain crit deaths

The Chysoar’s Ambition trait sometimes does not activate, and other creatures die due to critical hits. Critical banging bourbon seems to be a regular suspect. Note, I have only noticed the trait not working when the enemy crit.

I’ve built a team strongly relying on this for defense, and it is frustrating that it occasionally fails.

It seems to occasionally fail, even against normal attacks.

Here showing the Pegasus with it’s trait activating:

Here the same Pegasus failing to prevent a death:

Seems like this bug has showed up before. 0.5.5 patch notes mentioned it:

FIX: “Chrysaor’s Ambition” trait didn’t always work, especially if a creature took critical damage.

Possible the bug has been reintroduced by mistake.