[0.8.10] Crazed Leper Corpse Explosion Bug

So I’m running a Defiler with several fused Crazed Lepers. The issue is that the Corpse Explosions stop dealing damage after about 10-15 casts. The animation will happen normally and all that, but no actual damage will occur. This happens every time, in every realm, against every type of encountered enemy. I fused one of my Lepers with the Aquamarine Carbuncle to give it a buff each time it casts a spell. What I observe is that every time the cast happens, the buff is applied correctly. So it would seem that the spell is being cast properly, it just isn’t dealing damage for some reason.

You’re hitting the action limit, which exists to prevent infinite loops. Look in your Codex under Game Information > Combat > Action Limits:

Creatures can attack, cast, receive buffs/debuffs/minions, gain stats, lose stats, and receive healing a maximum of 15 times per turn.

Creatures can only take damage 20 times per turn.

Each creature can only resurrect up to 10 times per battle.

I’m in the same boat, Defiler abusing Corpse Explosion. The problem is after all the creatures die sometimes I have to wait for 30-40 casts from my creature and its relic. I wish there was a way to just end the battle immediately if all enemy creatures are dead.