[0.8.10] Glutinous Ooze (artifact trait item for Abomination trait) missing from inventory

[Windows 10]
I only just now noticed that the two Glutinous Ooze artifact trait items that I had previously assassinated to obtain are missing from my inventory (without me ever using them on anything).

I dont know when it happened (might have been hours ago; but I only just now noticed) and I dont have really any steps to replicate it other than:

Assassinate Glutinous Ooze twice to get it’s artifact trait material and then play the game. Eventually it will poof from your inventory =[

I was saving them for another team build that I have yet to put into motion; so I am 1000% sure I did not use these items.

Happened again today. Assassinated a Glutinous Ooze for its innate trait item this morning; and checking again hours later its also gone. Appears to be some sort of issue with items being removed or disappearing from the inventory =/

Look for the trait name when socketing, not the item name.

Im aware. Im on depth 470+. I understand how to find the specific trait; its just not actually there. It doesnt show up in the assassination menu either (shows 0).

That was how I initially noticed; because I was scrolling through assassination targets and saw that I had 0 when I should have had 2. Now I should have 5 and I have 0 once more.