0.8.10 Lightning Cerberus not working

Tried with Fury Swipes and normal Attacks, multiple fights in several diferent realms, didn’t see a single cast.
Tried removing the artifact, changing the spells, removing my perks, had cerberus alone in a party, summoning a diferent lightning cerberus, changing specialization, never got it to proc anything.
Platform is Windows 10
Party data in details


========== CHARACTER ==========
DS the Trickster
Achievement Points: 490 / 4079 (12%)
Time Played: 57:06:00
Game Version: 0.8.10

Total Perk Points: 1550

========== CREATURES ==========
Level 422 Lightning Cerberus
Cerberus / Chaos

Health: 4329
Attack: 1193
Intelligence: 3558
Defense: 2674
Speed: 2037

Innate Trait: Burst of Power
This creature can’t Cast spells manually. After this creature Attacks, each of its non-Ethereal Spell Gems have a 20% chance to be cast.

Artifact: Thunder
44% Intelligence
44% Intelligence
44% Intelligence
44% Intelligence
2 Spell Gem Slots
(Empty Trick Slot)
(Empty Trait Slot)

Spell Gems:
Acid Rain

Level 427 Forsaken Spinewhipper
Fused with Pit Guard
Forsaken / Chaos

Health: 3448
Attack: 1804
Intelligence: 2190
Defense: 2963
Speed: 2743

Innate Trait: Contradiction
This creature starts battles with 200% more Speed, but also starts battles at the bottom of the Timeline.
Fused Trait: Rampart
At the start of battle, your creatures adjacent to this creature gain 65% of its Defense, Health, and Speed.

Artifact: Boots
59% Speed
36% Defense / Speed
36% Health / Speed
36% Defense / Speed
(Empty Trick Slot)
(Empty Trick Slot)
(Empty Trait Slot)
(Empty Spell Slot)

Spell Gems:
Chaos Channeling
Infernal Charge
Flame Lash

Relic: Petra & Aes, War Drums of Meraxis (Rank 10)

Level 422 Runic Grimoire
Fused with Red Storm
Grimoire / Nature

Health: 4074
Attack: 1910
Intelligence: 2801
Defense: 1534
Speed: 3388

Innate Trait: Book of the Warlock
Your creatures start battles with Arcane.
Fused Trait: Sailor’s Warning
While this creature is above 90% Health, it has 50% more Attack, Intelligence, Defense, and Speed.

Artifact: Siphon-S
59% Speed
59% Speed
59% Speed
59% Speed
20% Berserk On Damage
84% Spell Potency
Puppet Master
Godly Gin
(Empty Nether Slot)

Trait Slot: Puppet Master: This creature deals 20% more damage and takes 5% less damage for each minion it has.

Spell Gems:
Fury Swipes
Cyclone Strike

Level 422 Imp Sacrificer
Imp / Nature

Health: 2386
Attack: 2037
Intelligence: 2674
Defense: 2711
Speed: 2674

Innate Trait: Ordinary Abnormality
Your creatures’ Nature spells Cast 1 additional time. This trait does not stack.

Spell Gems:

Level 422 Amphisbaena Chef
Amphisbaena / Life

Health: 4074
Attack: 1449
Intelligence: 2165
Defense: 2880
Speed: 2801

Innate Trait: Multicast
Your creatures Cast spells 1 additional time, but their spells are 30% less potent. This trait does not stack.

Spell Gems: