0.8.10 Long Live trait not functioning consistently

Similar issue to the one recently reported regarding Chrysaor’s Ambition. Trait just fails to function a significant amount of the time. Attacks frequently damage the creature even when it is below 65% health. I have isolated two particular scenarios where the trait routinely fails, but there are still plenty more cases where it fails with no discernible reason.

  1. Trait does not prevent damage from attacks by dead creatures. Peculiarity unique to Purgatorian. I noticed this one in a mirror match in Azure Dream. Dead creatures that attack a creature with Long Live will damage it no matter what its health level.

  2. Trait does not prevent damage from attacks that were locked in before the health level dropped below 65%. Order of operations issue. Example: Creature with Long Live provokes while wielding Hanti & Jihi. All six enemy creatures attack it. All six attacks will deal damage even if health drops below 65% before all six attacks land. This one might not be a bug, but it sure feels like it. EDIT: Example 2: Enemy casts Panic Attack, whole team attacks creature with Long Live (also intercepting due to Vigilance). All six attacks deal damage even after health has dropped below 65%.

Trait fails many other times as well, with no consistent scenarios that I’ve been able to isolate. Possibly critical hits, but the log doesn’t specify whether a prevented hit was critical or not, so no good way to confirm. I have seen both criticals and non-criticals deal damage below 65%.

UPDATE: I’ve encountered the bug significantly more when playing as the Paladin, which increases health based on defense. Possible that the health calculation for the 65% threshold is incorrect when the creature’s health value is modified in combat. Hanti & Jihi also modify health value. Perhaps this is part of the issue.

Sample logs from an occurrence. Apis drops below 65%, one attack is prevented, then a lethal hit is delivered through Long Live.

Class: Purgatorian
Apis traits: Long Live, Vigilance, Vigor (Artifact)
Apis relic: Hanti & Jihi
Apis max health: 9438
Apis health percent after first attack: 48%

***** The enemy Vampire Bat attacks! *****
Apis Defender debuffed: Sleeping. (Artifact)
Apis Defender took 4971 damage.
Apis Defender → Prevented! (Long Live)
***** The enemy Skull Devil attacks! *****
Apis Defender → Woke Up!
Apis Defender took 11590 damage.
Apis Defender was killed.

Finally pinpointed the commonality in the remaining seemingly random cases. It is actually visible in the previously posted log. While examining a log with Nix Shadowjumpers attacking multiple times, landing some hits, it’s become clear that it’s the interaction with Vigilance. Long Live is failing to prevent damage from intercepted attacks. So that makes three cases where Long Live fails:

  1. Attacks from dead creatures
  2. Attacks queued up while health is above 65%
  3. Attacks that are intercepted

Encountered this today. #2 is particularly problematic- multi-attack affixes pretty much make this trait useless.