0.8.10 Miscellaneous Issues

  1. Spell gem upgrading menu should show “Cost: N/A” at max rank like artifacts do in the artifact upgrading menu. Currently shows upgrade cost as 1k instead even though trying to upgrade gives an “already maxed” error. Also, a suggestion: The upgrade for Nether Slot should give the artifact one more level, from 50 to 51, making the stat increases a nice, round, aesthetically pleasing 60%.

  2. Apprenticeship trait says it activates on other creatures’ manual casts, but activates on its own manual casts as well.

  3. Panic Attack allows the dead to attack when combined with Ice Salamander’s Naivety. If you apply a damaging effect/spell that deals lethal damage on creatures with more than 15% health, Naivety will trigger on those creatures even though they would be dead from damage before casting. If they cast Panic Attack this way, the creatures will all attack even though they would have been dead at the time of the cast.