0.8.10 Sound issue

When I’m playing Siralim Ultimate on my PC, if for whatever reason I remove my earbuds and put them on again, the sound doesn’t restart until I close and restart the game.

This is actually a Windows thing. I’ve found that setting your default device to your earbuds should resolve this. Basically Windows gets really adamant that if you stop listening on your current, non-default sound device, then you must really want to listen on your default sound device instead, even when you plug them back in.

Right click the volume thing on your windows taskbar and hit Open Sound Settings. Scroll down until you find Sound Control Panel. From there you should be able to right click a device and set it as default.

I think that should solve your issue. This happens on a lot of games and not just this one. If it doesn’t, then thank Windows for its service.

In the past, sound wouldn’t readjust when changing devices on Windows without a restart at all.

For example, if I tried to change sound from my TV to computer or vice versa, it would continue playing on that first device until the restart.

Haven’t tried for a while, but this sounds like a similar issue.