0.8.10 Trait "Parry" not working

So I looked through multiple battle logs after combat and my 2 creatures with the “Parry” trait (At the start of this creature’s turn, it gains defense equal to 50% of its attack) never got a single point of defense gained and no single line in the battle log had the demarkation for “Parry”.

Similar thing happening with “Viper’s Mind” and “Psychic Barrier”, as reported by other members in the discord-channel.

I have also had this same issue, Parry seems to be nonfunctional (I have it paired with another mon with Collective Unconscious as the combo I’m going for, in case that is relevant).

Both traits are on the respective mon’s equipment for me, if that is relevant.

Any update on this?

Or do you need additional information to be able to reproduce/fix it?