0.8.10 Whitestar Gemling spell gem sharing inconsistencies

A bit more broad than just Whitestar Gemling, but here’s my example for this big.

Usually, a spell gem shared by Whitestar Gemling has its charges and enchants intact, as I’ve tested with my carbuncle build that’s currently pending a different bugfix. Here’s the problem, though.

In an attempt to get Aurum’s gem bomb to be worth using I set up a 78-charge magic missile to be shared. 5 times, in fact, just to make extra sure and because it was funny to me. Now, you would expect, knowing what you now know about whitefire gemling, one of three things.

1: It would remain consistent, sharing the charges properly, at 78
2: It would ignore the charge modifier caused by Stillfire, which effectively doubled the chargecount, and then only give the extra charge modified amount, which is still significant
3: It would follow “normal” ethereal gem rules under the Generous enchant and give a single charge

Nah mate we’re just going to give aurum 11 charges for each instance

There are no modifiers in my list that should add up to an 11 charge ethereal magic missiles. Apparently there’s similar bugs involving a dikya creating 0-charge ethereal spellgems, but I don’t know enough about that.