0.8.10, Win 10 - Doombringer's Blind Fury does not work with most "on-cast" traits

I’ve tested the Doombringer perk, Blind Fury, with eighteen traits which trigger when a spell is cast. Out of them, the only one which triggered three times as expected was Crystallization. The other seventeen only triggered one time when an appropriate spell was cast. Most of these traits are conditional in some way (e.g. “single-target spell”, “damaging spell”, “life/chaos/sorcery spell”), so maybe that’s related. I’ve listed these traits & their creatures below.

Mouth Of War - Martyaxwar
Lune - Vertraag
Pyromaniac - Djinn Pyromancer
Chain Spells - Djinn Dreamweaver
One For All - Flood Familiar
Conjuration - Mirage Occultist
Lingering Incantation - Celestial Occultist
Apprenticeship - Spider Occultist
Arcane Brilliance - Zealot Occultist
Hopelessly Hopeful - Alakadan
The Wicked End - Darkeye Gargoyle
Twist of Fate - Enim Ophan
Worship - Maluh Ophan
War Magic - Bloodfang Gargoyle
Cripple - Entropic Spectre
Ditto - Docile Wolpertinger
Soul Sucker - Vampiric Wolpertinger