0.8.10 Win 10 miscellaneous trait issues

A few more I ran into:

  1. Champion Nemesis battles prevent the leader from acquiring minions in battle- it’ll display prevented (nemesis) instead.
  2. Vulcanar does not revive in the Gate of the Gods battle. This happens when playing with a spec like Pyromancer that has revival prevention, as well as specs/builds with no revival interaction.
  3. Aeolian’s Periphery trait does not apply to attacks your creatures make against each other (not counting situations where the triggering event says it can’t be dodged). Mind control and confusion aren’t dodged.
  4. Casting evolution multiple times on an Herbling can get it to a 7th or maybe 8th tier, where its portrait gets replaced by something else. Here’s an example where I ended up with a diabolic horde-ling:

Thanks, all are fixed for the next patch!