0.8.10 Win 10 Warden Issue and Suggestion

  1. The Warden perk Graceful Spirit does not trigger at the beginning of creatures turns as it is supposed to do. I never gain the described Barrier.

  2. I have turned off the perk Grove Ward, as it creates a feedback loop that prevents your creatures from gaining any other buffs besides Warded during their own turn. When I have this perk on, my creature that goes first gains Speed at the beginning of their turn from having the Relic Petra & Aes attuned to them, which then causes them to gain Warded. They then gain stats from gaining a buff (Warded), which then causes them to get Warded reapplied to them, which causes them to gain stats, which gives them Warded…times 20 until they max out on the number of times they can gain buffs in a single turn. This loop prevents them from gaining any other buffs, as the reapplied Warded buff sucks up all of the opportunities for buffs to be gained. At least I think that is what is going on, as this Specialization often has battle logs that are thousands of lines long and can be difficult to parse. I would like to suggest changing the Grove Ward perk to granting Warded when one of your creatures loses stats instead of gaining them, since that would thematically fit better for what it does and prevent such loops from blocking all other buff gains.

I’ve fixed #1 and will implement your suggestion for #2. Thanks for the report/feedback!