0.8.10 Win - Assorted typos/bugs


  1. Dumpling’s Secret Ingredient trait has an extra period at the end.

  2. Bloodmage Sacrifice perk says:
    gain 3% (+1% per rank) random buff(s)

    Should say:
    gain 3 (+1 per rank) random buff(s)


  1. Herbling can spawn in realms, but only appears on mini-map. Does not move, cannot be battled.

  2. Masters can be farmed without progressing the realm depth. Maybe not a bug, but feels unintended. If you defeat a master before completing the realm quest, then enter a battle and forfeit, you keep the mastery level, achievements, and drops (both materials and costumes) while avoiding progressing the realm depth.

    SUGGESTED FIX: If this is not intended, I would suggest making the masters active only after the realm quest is complete, similar to the shrine of teleportation. If realm quest is not complete, the master says some generic dialogue about coming back to see them after the realm quest is complete.

Thanks, I’ll have the bugs fixed soon!

The way masters spawn is intended. While it can be exploited using the method you described, I think that would be an inefficient way to play the game, and I’d rather not inconvenience players by trying to prevent this from happening anyway.