0.8.10 Win miscellaneous issues

3 miscellaneous issues. I think 1 and 2 are bugs but it’s possible they’re working as intended.

  1. The rank 30 property of Dusk and Dawn prevents poisoned creatures from healing. This supersedes blight, so a poisoned & blighted creature takes 0 damage when healed.

  2. The charge trait can trigger attacks on enemy turns, instead of before your creatures’ turns. In the attached attack log the wandering abomination has charge, and the enemies were a party of Carbuncles. charge attack log.zip (834 Bytes)
    I’m not sure if it’s triggering on the start of the enemy turns, or because Friden is fused with a crazed leper and is casting corpse explosion after the passive blight & poison damage kills a foe, and that’s being considered a turn.

  3. The book of the elder trait is removing properties from the original spell gem in battle. I know the temporary gems created by this trait should have no properties, but the permanent gems are also reset. To reproduce, add more than one grimoire to your party, and add the book of the elder trait. Give one of your grimoires a leveled gem with added properties in one of the first two slots. In battle, check your spells- the gems in slots 1 and 2 will lose their properties.

Thank you for the bug reports! I’ve fixed #3 for the next patch and will look into 1 and 2 as well.