0.8.10 Win Miscellaneous Issues

  1. Gorlum Tremor’s Solidarity trait behaves strangely when there are multiples. Try summoning Gorlum Tremors with the Divination Candle and inspecting the creatures in combat. They’ll have a ton of temporary gems, but they’re all sealed. It appears that what’s happening is they all get their temporary gems first, then it goes through each creature’s spell gem list sealing two gems at a time. The result is each creature has one unsealed gem and a bunch of useless sealed temporaries. Maybe this is intended; not all abilities work well in multiples. But the order of operations and end result being applied here don’t seem logical.

  2. Unsummonable creatures show up in the Divination Candle menu. My disappointment was immeasurable when I clicked on Dumpling and got a message of “You cannot attract this creature”. Not surprised, mind you, just disappointed. Incidentally, summoning Dumplings seems like it would be reasonable provided its cost was higher than normal. Enemy levels outstrip player levels so quickly that having Dumplings as a power-dump/level-grind seems reasonable.

  3. Fame rank doesn’t show up anywhere in the menus that I’ve been able to find. The new Arena modes are gated behind Fame rank, but the only place I have found where you can see it is when you’re gaining Glory after winning a match. It should be visible somewhere in the character stats sheet / currency sheet or in the Arena menu somewhere, preferably both.