[0.8.10][Win10] Clawing Cockatrice trait not working on Regalis [test results and explanation included]

How it should be working:

Clawing Cockatrice traits should make itself and Regalis count as Occultist race. Then Master of Occultists should work and your gems should cast an additional time and not consume charges. But my spells didnt recast and the charges were consumed as normal.

Tests were done with the following team:

========== CREATURES ==========
Level 1373 Spider Occultist
Occultist / Sorcery

Health: 11966
Attack: 3305
Intelligence: 14845
Defense: 7427
Speed: 9078

Innate Trait: Apprenticeship
After your other creatures manually Cast a spell, this creature Casts Magic Missile on a random enemy.

Artifact: Staff
59% Intelligence
59% Intelligence
59% Intelligence
59% Intelligence
84% Spell Potency
64% Sorcery Strength
Master of Occultists
Steel Storm
(Empty Nether Slot)

Trait Slot: Master of Occultists: If all the creatures in your party are Occultist s, their spells consume no Charges and Cast 1 additional time. This trait does not stack.

Spell Gems:
Lightning Storm
Star Pact
Shadow Crash
Sacrifice to the Light

Level 166 Celestial Occultist
Occultist / Sorcery

Health: 1667
Attack: 657
Intelligence: 1877
Defense: 477
Speed: 910

Innate Trait: Lingering Incantation
After your creatures Cast a Sorcery spell, this creature afflicts 3 random enemies with a random debuff. This trait does not stack.

Level 166 Raptor Occultist
Occultist / Sorcery

Health: 1566
Attack: 556
Intelligence: 884
Defense: 1140
Speed: 1061

Innate Trait: Thaumaturgy
Your creatures have 7% more Intelligence for each non-Ethereal Sorcery Spell Gem each of your creatures have equipped. Maximum of 3 Spell Gems per creature. This trait does not stack.

Level 166 Regalis
Avatar / Nature

Health: 1258
Attack: 859
Intelligence: 1140
Defense: 1061
Speed: 1010

Innate Trait: Brothel
At the start of battle, your creatures that belong to this creature’s class share their innate traits with each other. This trait does not stack.

Level 166 Occultist Spellbinder
Occultist / Sorcery

Health: 1515
Attack: 505
Intelligence: 1263
Defense: 1273
Speed: 783

Innate Trait: Phantasm
Your creatures’ Spell Gems deal 30% more damage for each time they’ve been Cast in the current battle. This trait does not stack.

Level 134 Clawing Cockatrice
Cockatrice / Chaos

Health: 1473
Attack: 655
Intelligence: 737
Defense: 525
Speed: 976

Innate Trait: Outcast No Longer
At the start of battle, the races of the last 3 creatures in your party are changed to that of the first creature in your party.

Clawing cockatrice doesn’t change the class of your creatures only the race. Your regalis is nature and the rest of your team is sorcery so her trait wouldn’t work.

For the first part that is correct as in it doesnt work for the class so that was my mistake to why Apprenticeship didnt work ( i edited it). But for the second part why would it need to be sorcery all Master of Occultist says is they need to be Occultist race, not sorcery class, as long all your creatures belong to the same race (as the sigil) it will activate Sigil effect. So Clawing Cockatrice isnt changing her race to Occultist correctly.