0.8.10 - Windows - Thousand Cuts Relic repeat dmg

Repeats of spells from Thousand Cuts relic seems to do little to no dmg. For example i cast a spell it does about 200k dmg then when it gets repeated by the relic it does 30-100 dmg (or 0 if its a high defence enemy). Not sure if it doesnt take my creatures int into consideration or something else is going on.

What is your relic level, as well as your enhancements?

Relic level is 65, as for enchantments im not sure what you mean if you mean spells they are maxed (class swap, defence pen, damage increase) and im at realm 600ish for reference. Initial spell usually one shots a few enemies or halves their hp if the realm has % def or hp but repeats do little or no dmg as i mentioned.
edit: Relic enhancements are 90ish for everything.

By enhancements, I think they mean reliquary enhancements, for example, relic spell damage (probably the most relevant to this).