0.8.6. Spell Gem Slots Socket

I have a Raving Storm equipped with a Helmet that has 3 extra spell gem slots. However, it only has 3 spell gem slots, not the expected 6.
I have another creature that has 6 spell gem slots without any traits/perks/artifacts that would give it more.
I think this bug has something to do with item sets and unequipping from menagerie.

I see that the latest patch has fixed this.
However, I still have the two creatures with the wrong number of spell slots.
Is there something I could do to reset their spell slots?

There might still be another bug that causes this to happen outside of the one I fixed but I’m not sure. Can you try depositing the creatures in question at the menagerie and then take them out again and see if that fixes them?

I tried your suggestion but that did not fix them.
Is it possible that the bugfix only prevents the bug from happening, but does not fix creatures that are already broken?

Nope, there’s probably some other issue causing this to happen. Could you please attach your save file or email it to zack@thylacinestudios.com so I can see what’s causing this? Your save file is in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Siralim Ultimate\save and will end in .sav.

slot1.sav (512 KB)

The affected creatures are the Laughing Wisp and Raving Storm. The others may be as well, but I have not checked.

Found the problem, thanks for the save file and information!

I am having a similar problem with the Evoker passive that grants spell gem slots. My team has the normal 3 gem slots instead of 8 (passive says it grants +5 at max level). Possibly related.

EDIT: I should clarify, I’m not on the test branch, Steam wasn’t accepting the code.

EDIT EDIT: Still happening after v8 was moved to main branch.

EDIT x3: Fixed as of this morning’s update (3/1)