0.9.11 Bug(?) with Self-Awareness and We Are Pack

As of 0.9.11, the order of operations for battles seems to have changed such that it breaks the interaction between the Tribalist perk “We Are Pack” and the trait “Self-Awareness.” Before, when a battle would start, We Are Pack seems to have activated first, followed by Self-Awareness, allowing non-Golem creatures to become Golems and, thus, share their inherent trait. Now, the interaction is backwards, as the game seems to try to share the inherent traits first THEN change creatures to Golems. Is this intended? The “old” way allowed for some really cool party makeups, whereas this “new” way doesn’t. Let me know if you need more information - I’ll be happy to share what I can. Thanks!

This interaction seems to have been changed with the intent of stopping some methods of trait sharing due to balance issues. Regalis’ trait also saw some changes to reduce its trait sharing effects. I think the new behavior is exactly what was intended.

Here’s the relevant line from the 9.0 notes:

  • CHANGE: Changed the order of some start-of-battle effects: traits are now granted first, and then classes/races are changed. Previously, it worked in the opposite order. This turned out to cause major balance issues. The Codex has also been updated to reflect this change more clearly.

Ah, interesting - missed that in the patch notes. Thank you!