0.9.11 Confusion debuff doesn't care for immunity + starwrath bug

As the title says, even with immunity buff confusion still takes effect (if it was there before immunity was applied) and the older starwrath bug doesn’t seem to be fixed - it still lowers allies’ stats when confusion is on them, confusion + immunity, too.

I believe all debuffs stay active if they’re inflicted before Immunity, since Immunity just prevents new debuffs from being applied.

And I can’t remember, but was the Starwrath fix actually pushed or was that just ready for the next patch?

Starwrath bug should have already been fixed, there’s a mention of it in the last patch announcement on discord.
Immune ignored debuffs you had prior during patch 0.8.10, but the description and effect were changed in 0.9. I couldn’t find any mention of it in the patch notes though.

So immunity buff got nerfed without appearing in the patch notes, huh. - I find the new effect kinda weird, but I guess it’s understrandable.

Yeah, I remember starwrath appearing as fixed in a patch, too.