0.9.11 Hopelessness trait obsolete

Creeping Arachnalisk’s trait, Hopelessness, currently doesn’t function with the way that Snared works in Siralim Ultimate. It says, “While enemies are afflicted with Snared, they take 200% more damage from their Poisoned debuffs.” Back in S3 when Snared worked like how Frozen does now, this worked fine, and I assume this is just a holdover from that era. However, currently, Snared keeps creatures at the bottom of the timeline, meaning they never take their turns while they have Snared, so they never take damage from Poisoned as long as Snared is still on them, so the trait doesn’t do anything. Any easy fix would just be to swap Snared for Frozen in that trait so that it has the same effective functionality as it did in S3, but it wouldn’t be a Snared trait anymore which would break Arachnalisk theming.

With this in mind, I’m unsure if Wooly Arachnalisk’s trait functions correctly either (I haven’t tested it though). Arachnophobia says “After an enemy fails to break out of its Snared debuff, the potency of its Poisoned increases by 100%.” Same as with Hopelessness, this functioned fine in S3, but with the way Snared works in Siralim Ultimate, I’m unsure if the potency doubling every creature turn is intended, or if it even works properly in its current state.

It could work theoretically using Timewalk, or spells/traits that make creatures take their poison damage at other times. I know there’s also one that shares poisoned potency, but I don’t think that would apply since it just mentions damage taken from it and not actually the potency increasing.

I was also confused about this, and tried to think of things that might work with it, but still not really sure any are worth the extra work.

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These will be addressed in the next patch, thanks for bringing them to my attention!

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