0.9.11 (linux/Manjaro) Order of Provoke effects activation with Hubbub

I have a pyromancer team composed of six effreets, a frostfire, an obsidian, the two fused with dreadfull, 3 dreadfulls and a volcanic. The thing is, i have one dreadfull fused so that it has the Hubbub trait (the one that makes so that if the dominant race in party provokes, all the rest provoke), and another one with Hellblast (the cerberus trait that makes it so after provoking a random spell equiped gets casted) who has raze. Now, i have noted that, by having the Hellblas efreet as my last creature, the first effects to proc after everyone provokes due to hubbub (and him not being the cause), are his, firts the dreadfull trait 2 times (due to having the aurum rift dancer trait in the last dreadfull i didnt say), then raze 2 times (up to 4 due to having “cast twice” chance), and then the other dreadfulls. This means it procs from right to left, even thou the order that in screen animation they seem to provoke is from left to right. If i put the hellblast as the first creature, it works as intended, being the last to activate, something i comproved with the battle history.Is this supposed to be this way or im dumb?

Also if you wondering what the volcanic effret is doing there, i have him fused with the centaur with the Anticipation trait, which plus the Smolder trait, the Pyroblast perk and the Ceaseless Flame trait, means the chances of atleast one enemy getting killed onr their first turn is quite high, and from there chaining their deaths throu their turns, before i even have the chance to play the game LUL, since most enemies are quicker than my team, it is actually what cleans most non boss groups.