0.9.11 Max HP exponentially increasing through battle

Been noticing that the max HP on one of my builds seems to be increasing way past the intended buff amount when on a suicide bomb team. First photo is at the start of the battle, after all start of battle effects have raised max HP, and the second is at the end of combat. Would try and stop to inspect, but I didn’t get a turn due to the nature of the team. I’ve replicated this with both a prugatorian and astrologer build, but the purgatorian seems to increase the gain more rapidly, probably due to the perk that keeps stat changes through death. There is no way that 9k is about 1/5 of her health without something buffing it strongly. Other times, when I have run the astrologer build, I’ve seen it at about the halfway mark for more than what the Max HP started at, so it’s definitely repeatable and has been seen at different health states. A history view in that case showed Resiliance Aura revived her for what used to be her Max HP value, meaning it’s now 50%.

Team comp is this.

========== CHARACTER ==========
Talvert the Purgatorian
Achievement Points: 481 / 4289 (11%)
Time Played: 159:56:41
Game Version: 0.9.11

Total Perk Points: 1150

========== CREATURES ==========
Level 228 Doomsday Spectre
Fused with Tanukrook
Spectre / Nature

Health: 2073
Attack: 1244
Intelligence: 928
Defense: 1244
Speed: 554

Innate Trait: Blessing From Below
After this creature gains stats other than Maximum Health, enemies lose 50% of that amount of the same stat. This trait does not stack.
Fused Trait: Monster Crown
At the start of this creature’s turn, it kills your other creatures and gains 20% of their stats (other than Health).

Artifact: Boots
44% Speed
44% Speed
44% Speed
44% Speed
22% Damage Reduction
61% Attack Damage
Beast Within

Trait Slot: Beast Within: After your creatures gain a stat other than Attack, they gain 50% of that stat as Attack as well. This trait does not stack.

Spell Gems:
Frost Arrow
Poison Arrow
Elemental Wrath

Relic: Ferro, Great Axe of Gonfurian (Rank 10)

Level 228 Forsaken Swampdweller
Fused with Armored Maniac
Forsaken / Chaos

Health: 2846
Attack: 968
Intelligence: 1244
Defense: 1382
Speed: 343

Innate Trait: Darkness Surrounding
This creature starts battles with 125% more Health, but takes damage equal to 15% of its Maximum Health at the start of its turn.
Fused Trait: Meat Bomb
After this creature is killed, it deals damage to all enemies equal to 100% of its missing Health.

Artifact: Helmet
44% Health
44% Health
44% Health
44% Health
49% Sorcery Strength
49% Death Strength

Trait Slot: Ultimatum: After this creature Attacks, it deals damage to the target and enemies adjacent to the target equal to 50% of this creature’s Current Health.

Spell Gems:
Flame Lash
Inner Destruction

Relic: Hanti & Jihi, Sister Swords of Perdition (Rank 10)

Level 228 Trepidation Wight
Fused with Nix Guardian
Wight / Death

Health: 2281
Attack: 1836
Intelligence: 882
Defense: 1106
Speed: 440

Innate Trait: Last Stand
After this creature dies, it Attacks random enemies 5 times.
Fused Trait: Heartseeker
This creature Attacks 1 additional time. The amount of damage each of this creature’s extra attacks deal after the first is increased by 35% of the damage the first attack dealt.

Artifact: Sword
44% Attack
44% Attack
44% Attack
44% Attack
61% Attack Damage
14% Snared On Damage

Trait Slot: Reinvigoration: After this creature Attacks, it resurrects a random ally with 50% Health.

Spell Gems:
Absolute Corruption
Unholy Augmentation

Level 228 Phase Champion
Fused with Nadin Rift Dancer
Phase Warrior / Life

Health: 1671
Attack: 1244
Intelligence: 1244
Defense: 1469
Speed: 463

Innate Trait: Resilience Aura
After an enemy dies, your creatures are resurrected with 50% Health.
Fused Trait: Dark Dance
All effects that activate when a creature dies will activate 1 additional time. This trait does not stack.

Artifact: Boots
39% Speed
24% Intelligence / Speed
24% Defense / Speed
54% Spell Potency
(Empty Trick Slot)
(Empty Trait Slot)

Spell Gems:
Holy Nova

Level 228 Nix Creeper
Fused with Plague Alchemist
Nix / Sorcery

Health: 1485
Attack: 1106
Intelligence: 1836
Defense: 1037
Speed: 463

Innate Trait: Break Down And Cry
Before this creature dies, it Casts 3 of its spells.
Fused Trait: Drained
After an enemy loses stats, this creature deals damage to that enemy equal to 50% of the amount of stats lost.

Artifact: Staff
49% Intelligence
30% Intelligence / Defense
49% Intelligence
30% Intelligence / Speed
2 Spell Gem Slots
16% Shelled On Damage
Wrong Side

Trait Slot: Wrong Side: After your creatures are afflicted with a debuff, they have a 40% chance to remove the debuff and give it to a random enemy. This trait does not stack.

Spell Gems:
Spectral Swords
Void Flare
Rabid Dementia

Level 228 Ancestral Phoenix
Fused with Diamond Paragon
Phoenix / Life

Health: 1578
Attack: 761
Intelligence: 1244
Defense: 1836
Speed: 579

Innate Trait: Lifebinder
After your creatures kill an ally, your creatures are resurrected with 50% Health.
Fused Trait: Diamond Attunement
All Spell Gems can never be sealed.

Artifact: Staff
44% Intelligence
27% Intelligence / Defense
44% Intelligence
44% Intelligence
14% Arcane On Damage
61% Spell Potency
Soul Sucker

Trait Slot: Soul Sucker: After your creatures Cast a damaging spell, they recover Health equal to 30% of the damage dealt. This trait does not stack.

Spell Gems:
True Light

Relic: Blazefury, Flaming Soul of Vulcanar (Rank 10)