0.9.11 Pact of the Gods not working

The Fanatic perk Pact of the Gods (At the start of Battle, your Avatars’ Ultimate Spell Gems gain the “Generous” property) doesn’t seem to be working, can’t find the gems on any of my party members besides the respective Avatar.

Yeah, it’s especially weird because in the Avatars’ spell lists, they show Generous and two empty enhancement slots, but they still aren’t shared.

My guess is it has something to do with how/when Ultimate gems are granted (seemingly after Generous is supposed to trigger?), and must be on the tougher side to figure out how to fix.

The bug has already been fixed for next patch

Ah, okay. I guess he figured it out. I was mostly surprised because it survived through all the False Gods patches when some of the other Fanatic bugs were fixed.