0.9.11 Siegemaster team taking way more damage than intended, seems to be caused by one of the perks

TLDR: Siegemaster with all perks takes way more damage than siegemaster with no perks.

Here’s the team that I’m using: Siegemaster team - Pastebin.com
I think something in there is causing me to take way more damage than I’m supposed to- for an example, I started a fight, and an asura gutslasher went first- its artifact had speed/speed/health+defense/defense/disarmed on damage/stone on damage, it had savage (though it didn’t crit), it had 179k hp, 169k attack, 74k int, 117k defense, and 184k speed. It attacked my transient spectre, which (on the first turn I’m able to inspect) has 743k defense, having not gained any stats since the log started recording at the the start of combat- despite having way more defense, being defending, benefitting from black lotus (40% reduced damage while you have mending), vigor (25% less damage taken), prayer position (90% less damage taken while defending), and diabolic protection (with master of diabolic horde to make him a diabolic horde as well), he took 17k damage. The other creatures on the enemy team were doom devil, asura bonebreaker, ashmouth cerberus, minotaur battlemaster, and swordslime. I’m on realm instability 0 and it was not a nemesis creature, and I see similar amounts of damage from pretty much every enemy I fight.

For comparison, I checked my paladin team- it’s harder for me to check the stats of enemies since they usually die to retribution, but I managed to find one that lived. It had about 117k attack and attacked my creature with 200k defense (not defending or provoking), which took 817 damage (a critical hit). That team is here: Paladin team - Pastebin.com.

I also tested that paladin team, but using siegemaster perks instead. A creature with 84k attack attacked my diabolic commander with 300k defense and dealt 40k damage. I’ve been able to consistently take way more damage with the siegemaster team than the paladin team regardless of what my stats show.

Finally, I tried resetting my perks with siegemaster- I now take 0 damage from pretty much everything, whether I’m defending or not. Dunno which perk it is that’s the problem, but I’m pretty sure at least one of them is the cause.

Edit; forgot to mention this is on version 0.9.11, though it’s also included in the pastebin dumps. Edited title as well.

Enemies appear to be incorrectly benefiting from “The Best Offense” perk right now so this is most likely the problem. Thanks for the details!

Ahh, that would do it- thanks! I’ll leave that perk unselected in the meantime.

Looks like now that I’m not using that perk, I’m taking no damage again, and I have every perk- pretty sure that was the cause of this issue.