0.9.11 Stellar Blessing not working with Salamanders

I’m playing a Purgatorian, using Last Word and a Wind Salamander fused with a Fire Salamander to cast spells when a creature provokes and dies. Anointed Stellar Blessing and even with just 3 creatures in my party spells still cost charges when cast by Simulation or Until the End. The anointement still makes manual casts cost no charges.
Platform is Windows 10
Party Data in details.


========== CHARACTER ==========
DS the Purgatorian
Achievement Points: 1522 / 4289 (35%)
Time Played: 256:40:35
Game Version: 0.9.11

Total Perk Points: 1550

========== CREATURES ==========
Level 5772 Roofstalker Wight
Fused with Avaritia Sin
Wight / Death

Health: 96995
Attack: 24260
Intelligence: 29450
Defense: 29450
Speed: 29450

Innate Trait: Afterlife
After this creature dies for the first time in battle, it resurrects with 50% Health, and 50% more Attack, Intelligence, Defense, and Speed.
Fused Trait: Greed
At the start of battle, this creature steals 15% of your other creatures’ Attack, Intelligence, Defense, and Speed.

Artifact: Phantasm
59% Speed
59% Intelligence
59% Intelligence
36% Intelligence / Speed
84% Spell Potency
3 Spell Gem Slots
(Empty Spell Slot)

Trait Slot: Phantasm: Your creatures’ Spell Gems deal 30% more damage for each time they’ve been Cast in the current battle. This trait does not stack.

Spell Gems:

Relic: Petra & Aes, War Drums of Meraxis (Rank 70)

Level 5772 Wind Salamander
Fused with Fire Salamander
Salamander / Chaos

Health: 51969
Attack: 36379
Intelligence: 25415
Defense: 30023
Speed: 39843

Innate Trait: Simulation
When your creatures Cast a spell due to a Salamander trait, they Cast another one of their spells at random. This trait does not stack.
Fused Trait: Until the End
Before your other creatures die, they Cast one of their spells at random. This trait does not stack.

Artifact: Sonic Shield
59% Defense
36% Defense / Speed
36% Defense / Speed
36% Defense / Speed
84% Spell Potency
30% Damage Reduction
(Empty Spell Slot)

Trait Slot: Supersonic: At the start of battle, enemies are afflicted with Silenced for 1 turn.

Spell Gems:

Level 5772 Meraxis
Fused with Crystal Smith
Avatar / Sorcery

Health: 60631
Attack: 21949
Intelligence: 31182
Defense: 48498
Speed: 32914

Innate Trait: Marigold
Your creatures’ stats gained in battle are no longer subject to diminishing returns.
Fused Trait: Fool’s Axiom
Your creatures have additional Defense equal to 50% of the total Defense bonus on this creature’s artifact. This trait does not stack.

Artifact: Phaser
59% Defense
59% Defense
59% Defense
59% Defense
30% Damage Reduction
3 Spell Gem Slots
Endurance Aura
Living Heavy Shield
Gleaming Jewel (Rarity: 20)

19% Defense

Trait Slot: Endurance Aura: Your creatures take 80% less damage from all sources other than attacks and spells. This trait does not stack.

Spell Gems:
Black Hole
Black Ice
Mass Dispel

Thanks, fixed in the next patch!

I just grabbed the game a week ago so I don’t know if the patch was released or not but I do still have this issue with Stellar’s Blessing. The first cast will be free but all casts that occur after the initial one eat up all charges.