0.9.11 [Win 10] Card set issue Asura

Hi guys,

I’m trying to complete the Asura card set. I’ve probably killed a thousand Asura Blood Drinkers, at least it feels like it.

Knowledge Progress is 63,600 Rank S
2/6 Asura Cards unlocked
6/7 Asura in my bestiary log under class.

I’m hitting the divination candle 3 or 4 groups of Blood Drinkers at a time per level. Are there some creatures without a card and if so should they not have an indication in the bestiary and at the divination candle? Like a card with an x or something?

Or maybe I’m just incredibly unlucky on this creature and need to kill a thousand or two more? Feels like a massive grind if that is the case especially at 60k knowledge on this creature.

I had to restart my game due to a lost save issue (my fault). I’ve managed to easily unlock about 15 cards for various classes so far. This one seems stuck? Or I’m missing something I don’t understand?


If there is a card set where it doesn’t include specific things(Like how Treasure Golem isn’t in the Golem pool), then the x/y card list would represent its absence. That said, welcome to the club; I have a Forsaken with over 180k knowledge before I got its card. The missing Asura is a special one who is considered a super rare miniboss, by the way, and thus doesn’t have a card(AFAIK), or maybe it’s from one of the Guilds and you have to buy it. Either/or.

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He actually does have a card, the codex has an icon for creatures that don’t have one.
Probably still alot easier to get than Pandora’s.

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Cards are all luck sometimes you get them at a c rank other times you can let them at 150k knowledge ya just gotta keep on farming

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Thanks! At least I know to keep hunting! I’ll get it eventually!

Yeah, you just have to keep grinding, haha. I usually have at least one creature in a race that takes like 100k more knowledge than the others, but I have a history of bad luck. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And yeah, creatures without cards have a card shape with an X in the bestiary.

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I really probably don’t mind the grind. I somewhat wanted to make sure I was not wasting time on a snipe hunt! :crazy_face: