0.9.11 [Win 10] Regalis trait incosistent

So Regalis trait Brothel: At the start of battle, your other creatures with the same class as this creature share their innate traits with the creatures adjacent to them.

I tested on a no instability realm
this is what happens sometimes due to Angelic Voidlord innate trait (both adjacent creatures have Repelling)

But seemingly randomly this is the result

The left creature doesnt share the innate trait.

This seems to happen randomly 50% of the time from one battle to another sometimes its the left creature sometimes its the right one.

Note that all tests were done in t0/t1 sometimes both adjacent creatures had repelling at start of the battle, other times they got them when they got their turn. I also confirmed with other people in the discord (they tested it using The Lost) that had similar results.