0.9.11 Win - Chroma & Pact of the Gods bugs

  1. Using Pact of the Gods as an anointment should make my avatar spells generous. This property is applied in battle:

    but the gem isn’t shared with other creatures. I’m currently using Cabalist with 0 permanent spell gems equipped in case that matters.
  2. Chroma’s tier 3 property says it and its allies shouldn’t take indirect damage. As a pyromancer, I was able to inflict indirect damage via bleed, burn, and Frostfire Efreet’s roaring blaze. Battle log example:
    chroma indirect damage.zip (2.1 KB)
    Line 223 starts one example of this, and from that point in the log you’ll see the enemy Elder Cruncher, Amphisbaena Vaccinator, Gold Golem, Maniac Warrior, Vicious Pit Worm, and Chroma taking various indirect hits.
  3. In that same log, rainbow shield prevents damage to both the enemy and to my creatures. In lines 47, 50, and 53, it blocks damage to the enemy pit worm. But on line 67, my frostfire efreet has damage nulled by it. This ends up repeated throughout the battle.

Thanks, all fixed for the next patch!