0.9.11 [Win10] Masochist Freak's trait does nothing

Masochist Angler’s trait, Under Stress, when used in a team with over 12 buffs active alongside a Masochist Freak, does not seem to give a noticeable bonus to either dodge chance against attacks or critical chance beyond what the Agile or Savage buffs give by default.

(I am uncertain whether this particular interaction is what’s to blame or whether Masochist Angler’s trait is broken by default, though - in some test fights where my creatures had a few debuffs, I was still unable to determine a noticeable chance in dodge/crit chance.)

EDIT: a similar report on the Discord regarding the Masochist Freak led to me performing additional testing and confirmed the issue was the Masochist Freak itself - thank you Srav!

Both traits appear to be working correctly. There are dozens of ways for dodge and critical chances to be overridden and guaranteed to fail (Stone, realm properties, several traits, etc) so I’m guessing that’s the issue.

I don’t wish to be a pest about this, but after hearing others’ reports on the Discord, I did further testing in a more controlled environment and can say with relative certainty that the issue appears to be that the Masochist Freak’s trait does not appear to function at all.

Testing in an instability 0 realm against enemies with unrelated traits, with Meraxis (for easy access to almost all buffs) alongside an unfused Masochist Freak and a handful of other unfused Masochists and Plague Doctors yielded the following reproducible results:

  • Plague Surgeon’s trait did not incur any additional spellcasts.
  • Sadomasochist’s trait did not incur any additional attacks.
  • While the dodge chance and crit chance were increased from normal due to Agile/Savage, both were far, far below the 95%+ independent crit/dodge chance promised by Masochist Angler with 15-16 buffs.
  • There did not appear to be any noticeable change in damage from the Favored Masochist, despite a promised ~600% increase.
  • I did not test the Plague Scholar (or any other additional unmentioned creatures), but I also fully expect its trait to not mitigate damage either.

I am amending the subject title to reflect this and posting an example battle history of the test, though I apologize for not testing this in a more controlled environment to begin with.
Masochist Freak battle log.ini (16.9 KB)