0.9.11 Win10 No way to kill Head of Loid sometimes?

I get how I am SUPPOSED to kill him, but what if that doesn’t work??

I’m guessing this shouldn’t even be possible, but this is the second time I encounter this :frowning:

You selected ‘Immune to Indirect damage’ as a rune. Popping the warts is treated as Indirect, and thus the head doesn’t take damage.

I don’t think so; my team is pretty indirect-damage-heavy and I never select False God to be immune to this (except vs Jotun^^). No “chance to avoid damage” modifier either. The Battle History showed several ‘Ewww!’ (or whatever) when the other body parts died, but that was it.
Or maybe I did indeed select “immune to indirect damage” like an idiot :frowning: I’ll pay even closer attention in the future.

I think occasionally you may need to let the head resurrect the other parts. I’ve never needed to yet, but I’ve only fought him a couple times, but I thought that was mentioned somewhere, not sure.

At least there is no mention of this in the Game Information about False Gods. According to the entry for Loid Prime, the head heals body parts, can only be damaged by killing the hands/body, and will die when it takes “enough” damage. This definitely would cause problems with “chance to avoid damage”, and potentially with any sort of damage reduction.

So it just happened again, and this time I checked beforehand to make sure that neither did I accidentally selected that Rune, nor was there any Realm Modifier giving the Head a chance to prevent damage. Still the Head survived, never resurrected any of the other body parts, and eventually killed my team with the help of Fatigue.
My suggestion to fix this would be to make it so that the Head just automatically dies (with no chance to resurrect itself) once all the other body parts are dead. That seems to be what it comes down to (every time it does work) anyway :slight_smile: