[0.9.11][Win10] Ruby paragon trait heals damage from sacrifice perk

The Blood Mage Sacrifice perk deals damage to each creature equal to 50 percent of its health at the beginning of combat.

When combined with the 'Ruby Attunement` trait of the ruby paragon, the effect is as follows.

  1. Each creature takes 50 percent of its health as damage
  2. Each creature doubles its max HP, then heals to full HP.

The full healing is unexpected… it seems like a bug to me but I’m open to being corrected.

Thanks, fixed in the next patch!

After changing the composition of my team, a full heal is no longer happening. I can give details on how my team changed if you like, though I can’t explain how it made a difference.

Thanks for jumping on this though.

Patch 1.0.2 and this problem still occurs for me. Tried it first with helmet artifacts. If the artifact got up to 49% health increase, its fine even it starts wirth more than 50% health. If it got 50% or more it starts the battle with full health.
With ruby paragon → more than 50% health increase → starts with full health.

So i guess as long as the health increase is more than 50% this perk doesnt work :frowning:

All of this doesnt show up in the battle history