0.9.11 Win10 Typo Thread

Last word should be spelled “prejudice”.

Thanks, fixed in the next patch!

Found another one:

…or should I have made a new topic?

Nope this is fine, thanks!

Should be “Commiserations, …”

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Pretty sure it should be “… in front …”

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Should probably be just “… the ambient magical …”

Also, “… advances forward …” is kinda redundant^^

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Should be “… Gems.”

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Probably should be “… a quick death!”

Not exactly a typo, but still an inconsistency; the Race is typically capitalized, so it should probably be “… Phoenix …” here as well. Call me a nitpicker :wink:

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Superfluous comma, should be " … terribly, terribly foolish. …"

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Should probably be “… in front …”

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Illogical double negative, should be “… who would pass up …”

If I may bring up a pet peeve of mine while I’m at it:

On the one hand, if this never got fixed, Siralim Ultimate wouldn’t be in bad company - I’ve seen many games just use the plural even for a single item. On the other hand, the string has to be composed somewhere, and it would be as easy as doing
“You have " + notifications + " new notification” + (notification != 1) * “s” + “. …”
(Or at least it used to be, in Game Maker 8 ^^)

Probably should be "… toxins in the air, …

Incorrect possessive case, should be “Charybdis’s …”

See also:
Flubris’s trait( material)s
Kraynaks’s trait materials
Phobos’s trait materials and Grip
Ramses’s trait( material)s

Probably should be “… Luscious Lager”

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Probably should be “Shellburst”

:wink: Seriously though, it should probably be " … and takes damage …"

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Singular instead of plural, should be “… 2 additional times.” Analogous to mistake in Expanded Mind Anointment, so probably several other Anointments will have the same problem.

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Superfluous ‘d’, should be “… with extreme prejudice.”

…just noticed that I already reported this one, first post in the thread :confused: my bad

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