0.9.11 - Windows - Inquisitor Miracle Perk

The inquisitor Miracle perk seems to be dealing 10% of the enemy’s Maximum Health instead of the described 25%. I did some tests using the perks and traits:

  • Maxed out Miracle perk
  • Shining force perk for the quick resurrect
  • Cannabalistic Tendencies trait for the instant death on your own creature
  • Two creatures (One with the above trait and the other to instant die and resurrect)

I then went into 3 different realm depths with 0 instability and fought a few battles each to verify my current hypothesis that the Miracle perk is not dealing the correct damage as described:

  • Realm Depths: 1, 11, 31
  • No nemesis battles in case it would influence anything
  • Few battles in case enemy creature traits impacted any of the test

I found that the damage would on average be around 10% of the enemy’s max health. At most I saw 20%. This is specifically looking at cases like life triggered miracle on sorcery or chaos creatures, where the damage would not be reduced or boosted.

My initial thought was that it was supposed to deal damage based on your own creature’s max health. Which I found was my misunderstanding, however I then noticed the numeric value also did not seem to match what I was seeing.

In conclusion, the miracle perk damage values does not seem to match with what is in the description. If there is any damage calculation I am missing, please let me know.