0.9.2 - Windows - Crash

When entering a battle in The Arachnid’s Nest when interacting with a Egg I got this

I got a similar crash in Arachnid’s Nest, but it was in 0.9.1

Another crash on 0.9.2, in Arachnid’s Nest, after interacting with a chest(mimic) found in a cocoon.

In 0.9.2, still in Arachnid’s Nest, from encountering a creature

0.9.2, In Temple of Lies when interacting with a rainbow Portal

Can you please attach your save file or PM it to me so I can try to reproduce these crashes?

slot1.sav (512 KB) As an aside, I had been running Instability 5 realms, when I switched to Instability 0, the crashes stopped (so far).