0.9.4 Hidden Realm Properties not changing after reroll or map completion

Odds are that this is a bug. Rerolling, completing a realm quest, entering a diferent realm, changing specialization, swaping my team and restarting the game didn’t fix it.
Got someone else to check if the modifiers were changing for them and it was working just fine, I’m not sure what the problem is.

save.zip (155.3 KB)
Here’s the save file, if its usefull.
Platform is Windows 10.

I tested your save files and they seem to correctly update the hidden properties after completing a realm quest.

After playing a bit on 0 instability they updated on my end as well. I swear they hadn’t changed for me all day before that though.
Rerolling still doesn’t change the hidden modifiers for me, is it an intended change?