0.9.4 Owned quantity of artifact materials does not update in purchase screen

I went to buy a Katarina’s Brace from Ned’s shop. The display on the right side said I own 0 of these materials.

I clicked the button to purchase one, but nothing seemed to change - it still said 0, and my brimstone did not seem to move as it only displayed “2M”.

I clicked the button twice more, same thing.

I then thought to go out of the shop screen and check, and I had 3 braces now in my inventory. Going back in the shop screen shows I own 3 of these materials now.

I think it would feel better to have some feedback when you purchase the item - having the count in the screen update right away might be helpful. I’m not a huge fan of the super truncated resource measurements either…

Thanks, fixed in the next patch!