0.9.6 Encountered 2 enemies at once and lost a card from the first encounter

After the first fight ended the second one started immediatly and the card droped from the first fight just isn’t in my collection now. I was holding the confirmation button to turbo during the transition.
A bit hard to attempt reproduce on my end, platform is windows 10.

This bug was supposedly fixed during 0.8.x, resulting in a short-lived bug that reduced card droprates overall. The best way to try to reproduce this bug is to spam the candle. 3 packs is the usual go-to for power spending, or that’s what I hear. I’ll try to do a bit tonight to see if I get it

Can confirm this is still happening as of 0.9.11, and that it will also destroy dropped skins - lost this beauty to it. Seems like anything that’s displayed on a post-battle loot screen will get eaten if you run into another encounter before you can cancel out of it.

Yeah, just lost a card this way as well :frowning: The window popped up, but automatically faded into black to start the second fight, and afterwards I didn’t have the card in my inventory :frowning:
0.9.11 Win10