0.9.6 - Windows - Vitja's Surprise not working

On a teamwipe, Vitja’s Surprise did not trigger to cast Flourish. Team was set up in such a way that Flourish would have had charges, and no source of charge drain (that I’d noticed) had occurred during that realm to break the setup.

In the instance that a teamwipe is an automatic loss, this is inconsistent behaviour with the Pandemonium Rebirth trait, which does revive party (except owner) on a teamwipe.

Thanks, fixed in the next patch!

I think I just saw the bug happen again but I can’t be sure (running 0.9.8). Going to watch carefully for a while and report back.

Bug witnessed again. This time, a staggered death - 5 creatures died, and then the creature with the Vitja’s setup, with 5/7 Flourish charges available. On the creature with the setup’s death, Vitja’s Surprise was not triggered.

As I said before, this is in direct conflict with Pandemonium Rebirth’s effects, which work perfectly fine on a teamwipe. Kinda weird, this one, and I can’t figure out why it’s happening.

Sorry for the deleted message - I sorta false alarmed when the setup triggered under normal circumstances with it being like the 3rd death in the team lol

Bug still present in 0.9.9

Bug still present in 0.9.10

Tested this during the latest version (0.9.11), under the same circumstances mentioned with nothing that could prevent casts (RI 0, no enemies that sealed any spell gems at all), trait still didn’t work when the trait-bearer was the last member of the team to die. If needed I can provide the battle history and team.