0.9.7 - Windows - Mismatched Toxdweller Sprites

This is version agnostic, but something I’d been wondering about but finally connected the dots on is that the Toxdweller sprites are assigned to the wrong creatures (or, perhaps the lore entries are assigned to the wrong creatures? one or the other). Quick compare and contrast:
Toxdweller Bloodbather Sprite
Bloodbather Lore

Incidentally, the Bloodbather sprite doesn’t appear to have a stinger (unless the flat disk tail thing is supposed to be that). However! The Toxdweller Mutant sprite does.

Meanwhile, Mutant Lore:

But hold on, the Mutant sprite doesnt have 3 eyes for 4 arms! However! The Toxdweller Slasher does :slight_smile:

Theres a few examples of this, but i won’t paste them all here because it’s easier to simply look at them in game for reference. That being said, here’s the mismatches that I’ll note, with possible corrections?

Toxdweller Mutant: Has either Parasite or Bloodbather sprite, should have the current Slasher sprite
Toxdweller Infector: this one’s fine actually
Toxdweller Decoy: this one seems fine? Though it’s possible it does have the ‘wrong’ one but the lore entry just isn’t specific enough to tell
Toxdweller Parasite: unsure what sprite it actually has, but the lore entry notes a stinger which the sprite very much does not have
Toxdweller Slasher: Has the Mutant sprite, based on the name I’m guessing it should have the current Bloodbather sprite (which has arm blades)
Toxdweller Bloodbather: Has what I believe is the Slasher sprite, should have the Mutant sprite (or Decoy maybe? idk)

It’s a bit complicated by the fact that two lore entries mention stingers, but only one sprite clearly has something that could be unambiguously called a stinger, but in any case, neither of the ones that have the stinger mentioned in their lore have that sprite, so I’m pretty sure there’s some mismatching going on.

For that matter, I have a hunch that this isn’t unique to the Toxdwellers but may also be the case with other races (simple case of misassigned sprites during dev I’m guessing) based on a few lore texts here and there, but Toxdwellers are the only one where it’s obvious enough that I feel it’s worth pointing out. That being said, at some point a review of creature sprites to make sure they’re assigned correctly might be worthwhile if it’s something you care about (though admittedly it doesn’t really impact anything, just something funny I noticed)