0.9.8 - WIndows - weird channeling trait behavior

18 life spell gems doesn’t seem like it should multiply my HP by 8-10x.
I expected 90% or a 1.9x multiplier

3 spell gems give ~260M HP
18 spell gems gives ~2.12B HP
setup same for 3 and 18 spell gems (except number equipped)
========== CHARACTER ==========
Sora the Animator
Achievement Points: 3800 / 4279 (89%)
Time Played: 1499:22:25
Game Version: 0.9.8

Total Perk Points: 1550

========== CREATURES ==========
Level 548472 Regalis
Fused with Omnipotent Deity
Avatar / Life

Health (14): 17276917
Attack: 6376015
Intelligence: 6376015
Defense: 5553304
Speed: 3702214

Innate Trait: Brothel
At the start of battle, your other creatures with the same class as this creature share their innate trait with the creatures adjacent to them. This trait does not stack.
Fused Trait: Singularity
Your creatures have additional Attack, Intelligence, and Defense equal to 10% of their Current Health. This trait does not stack.

Artifact: Channeling (Hm)
62% Health
62% Health
62% Health
62% Health
3 Spell Gem Slots
3 Spell Gem Slots
(Empty Spell Slot)
Twinkling Orb (Rarity: 455)

42% Defense / Speed
33% Attack
19% Health / Attack
34% Attack / Speed
3 Spell Gem Slots
11% Agile On Damage
Trait: Taste of Fear

Trait Slot: Channeling: This creature can’t Cast spells manually. Your creatures have 5% more Attack, Intelligence, Speed, Defense, or Health for each non-Ethereal Chaos, Sorcery, Nature, Death, or Life Spell Gem this creature has equipped. This trait does not stack.

Spell Gems:
Death Blossom

Relic: Bloodseeker, Hungering Dagger of Mortem (Rank 100)

Thanks, fixed in the next patch!