1.0.2 Anneltha and Masochist Freak not interacting properly

First of all, credit to LilLillyFox for actually testing this one. But in a nutshell, the Masochist Freak’s trait Redefined (Your creatures’ traits and other effects that are influenced by the number of buffs they have also count their debuffs as well, and vice versa.) doesn’t seem to be converting the effective buffs and debuffs from Anneltha’s trait Grandiose (At the end of your creatures’ turns, their turn counter increases by 3 additional turns. In addition, your creatures act as if they have 3 more buffs, debuffs, and minions than they actually have. This trait does not stack.).

We tested this using a Ferocious Fiend (This creature deals 80% more damage with attacks for each of its debuffs.). With no debuffs, it dealt around 1.4M damage whether or not Anneltha was present, but with one debuff and Anneltha present, it dealt 3.27M damage - much more than an 80% increase. This suggests that Grandiose increases the debuff counter (and presumably the buff and minion counters) by 3 only if they’re already greater than 0. This might be intentional - I don’t know.

However, adding a Masochist Freak next to Anneltha and the Ferocious Fiend and applying one buff to the Ferocious Fiend gave a much smaller increase to damage. The Ferocious Fiend was dealing 3.89M damage with one buff, one debuff, Masochist Freak, and Anneltha - a much smaller increase than the jump when one debuff was added that activated Grandiose. This makes me think that the ‘effective +3 buffs’ generated by Grandiose are not being counted towards traits which count debuffs when Redefined suggests that they should, even with an initial buff present to ensure that Grandiose is increasing the buff counter. I feel like this part isn’t intentional, unless Redefined just removes the distinction between ‘buffs’ and ‘debuffs’ and puts them all into one pool which Grandiose only adds to once. Could you clarify whether this is intentional or not?

Also, while I’m here - War Clockwork’s lore still refers to Alexandria as the Goddess of Falsity, although Alexandria is male.