1.0.2 Several bugs

So I’ve been seeing lots of strange bugs and stuff, but I haven’t been to great at reporting them lately, let’s see how many I can remember, haha.

  1. This was just today, I was adding some stuff to a Macro, and noticed that most of the Arsenal spells were showing up twice for me, really don’t have much more information on it though.

  2. Some decorations seem to be in the wrong category? I don’t think a shelf should be with plushies, but idk. And my Phoenix Plush is a Phase Warrior (though I thought this was mentioned somewhere before)?

  3. I mentioned this on Steam, but since I’m here now, I’ll add this. “Consider” instead of “Considering”.

  4. Not sure if this is a bug or just “how it has to work”, but when killing multiple Reclusive Wights at the same time, they aren’t actually being killed simultaneously. For example, if you were to kill 6 in one combo (with multiple attacks/casts) if any die “before” the others, they can still be revived. It was usually happening to me when I killed 2 or 3, the last one to die would still rez the others even though they were supposed to all be dying at the same time?
    UPDATE: Fought a normal group of enemies with one in the 4th spot. I killed the group with one spell and he resurrected the first 3 still.
    2ND UPDATE: Probably just how it has to work, seems like at least 1 other trait does the same thing. “After an enemy dies, this creature attacks 3 random enemies” can also attack creatures that died at the same time.

  5. This one also might not really be a bug, but after unlocking one of the new realms, you can challenge the God at the Gate before you actually travel to the realm to meet them for the first time (or they at least show up there, I didn’t actually try to fight them at that time).

And I think there was probably something else, but I can’t remember, oops. I think these were the main things, at least.

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I remembered something else I saw today that really confused me, the Master of Beacons Trait.

Beacon Traits’ buffs/minions already affect other Beacons, so if all your creatures are beacons, they’d already share their effects, wouldn’t they?

I was thinking maybe it meant the other effects would ignore classes, but it doesn’t sound like it (i.e. if any enemy tried to afflict you with a debuff, it’d apply a buff instead, not only enemy Death creatures?).

I might just be missing something here, but it doesn’t sound like this perk does anything as it currently is.

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Oh and I just remembered one more, the Master of Golems Trait still says it grants your Golems “Double Take” when that doesn’t exist anymore, being replaced with “Triple Take”. It still functions correctly, though.

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Another thing I just saw, and sorry, I can’t remember exactly what rank it is, but Vertraag at one rank says he gives a “100% bonus for collecting all 3 orbs”, but if I remember correctly it gave 250 favor before and 375 after.

I thought maybe there was a different boost earlier (because if 250 was already 100% boosted, 375 would be another 100%), but it didn’t look like it. Is it supposed to say a 50% favor boost?

So I’ve been running into what appears to be several bugs with Reaver and I’m thinking mostly Anneltha.

  1. Anneltha’s perk says it will add to the turn counter at the end of the turn, though it doesn’t, it adds to the turn counter at the start and might be part of the reason perks like Mental Clarity don’t seem to work correctly, but it also adds 4 when using Timewalk (which should be awesome, haha).

  2. Mental Clarity also doesn’t seem to trigger from Timewalk, which might be intended but seems weird. I’ve been able to have 12+ turns on my creature for his first turn, but Mental Clarity won’t trigger until after it finishes it’s turn. (Unsure about other effects such as debuff protection)

  3. Not really with Reaver perks, but noticed it with this team, Aftermath doesn’t seem to attack the correct target most of the time?

And… I think there was something else, but I always forget by the time I pause the game and get here, haha.

It might have just been that Weird Dance doesn’t say it doesn’t stack.

Didn’t notice this until I turned my stat gain text back on, but the Formation Trait doesn’t grant defense to all your Uralos creatures, only the one(s) that is/are damaged. All the other traits give stats to all (which is what sounds like should happen).

(And a side note, Uralos are like weasels, correct? The Master mentions they don’t like to be called bears, so I was confused, but the spearmaster especially looks like a ferret? Though I suppose ferrets might not like to be called bears, so that could check out.)

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