1.0.2 windows 10 crash upon entering random realm

No error log, so I am providing a snippet of my realm properties before I enter. The realms that popped up were Cutthroat Jungle and Fae Lands both times I entered. Cutthroat Jungle crashed immediately and Fae Lands crashed after taking a few steps.

Edit - crashed a third time, on Umbra Sanctum as soon as I walked into an enemy pack.

Are you using any new traits/relics that you weren’t using before?

Nope, I haven’t changed my team at all.

Could you please either attach your save file or PM it to me? You’ll find it in C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Siralim Ultimate\save and it will end with a .sav extension.

slot1.sav (1 MB)
Here ya go!

Thanks, found the problem and I’m about 15-20 minutes away from releasing a patch!

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Awesome. Thank you for all you do!