[1.0.3] Win 10 - Rise to Fall trait reducing healing

It took me some thinking to reason out why this might be happening, so I don’t have any combat logs of it, but it should be fairly easy to recreate with your typical heal-loop teams for your Doombringer and the trait Rise Above.

I was planning on using it for an emergency health tank because it would be receiving more healing, and thus be gaining more health than the rest of the team. However, I think what’s happening in reality is that it’s determining maximum health at the start of a turn, and then when it’s being healed at more health than what the game determined at the start of the turn, it’s healing for 5% less for every 1% health over the now outdated 100%.

If this is right, theoretically it would heal for 0 if healed while having 120% of the maximum health it snapshots at the start of a turn.

If this is what’s happening, then I think the fix would be one of two paths:

  1. Making it so the trait can grant a minimum of 0% more healing received.
  2. Making the trait also snapshot the [% of max health] your [current health] sits at for consideration of the trait’s effect.

I’d suggest the second, just because the game itself tells you everything in a turn is meant to be happening all at once.


Decided to go back to this creature as I was revamping one of my teams, only to find the trait still doesn’t work. I’m not sure what is happening at this point if it wasn’t what I suggested before, as that is the only thing I can think of that could possibly make its healing go from healing for full health to healing for literally nothing.

This trait was fixed in 1.0.3 and I just double-checked and it does appear to be working correctly now.