1.0.3 Windows - Carnal Genesis sends allies to the bottom of the timeline

[Carnal Genesis] 10% chance when healed that this creatures moves to the top of the timeline.

When Carnal Genesis activates, if an ally is currently at the top of the timeline, they’re sent to the bottom as the beneficiary goes to the top. Appears to work normally if an enemy is next in line.

Should be easily reproducible with Carnal Genesis, Mender’s Oath, and a group heal like Resplendence/Praise the Sun, etc.

Watching this a little more closely, I think i’ve misreported this a bit.

The behavior triggers when Carnal Genesis triggers multiple times at once, which is fairly common with mender’s oath. Heals go out, Creature #1 gets Genesis’s to the top, and Creature #2 also gets Genesis’d, which places him at the top and sends Creature #2 to the bottom. It’s not rare for a group heal with mender’s oath to send your entire team to the bottom except for the most recent creature to get sent to the top.

Additionally, this appears to have similar behavior with other turn-altering stuff; if Creature #1 with Spectrum of Eternity (casting a light spell may grant extra turn) gets that extra turn at the same time Creature #2 gets moved to the top via Genesis, you’ll see the same pattern of Creature #2 at the top with Creature #1 banished to the bottom of the timeline.

I can’t imagine this is intended behavior, right? :think:

I think he said it was intended at one point, or maybe not in general. I remember he said Second Chance (chance to revive at top) was supposed to do that, making it much less helpful when reviving multiple creatures, but I would think that this should be different, because without the movement they should be going sooner, while revives would normally put them at the bottom.

But I think it might end up just being how Timeline manipulation works that causes it, so it might be something tricky.