1.0.3 - WIndows - Crash in Friden Realm

i’ve had this happen twice to me, at first i thought it was just a random thing that happened but then the same exact situation happened and the game crashed again!

i’m using yllor in friden realm and somehow whenever yllor attack multiple times in friden realm, the game completly freeze, i’m unable to close the game, no text will move, it just stucks (the music keeps playing though) i’m not sure if the cause is yllor attacking a specific enemy that’s only found in friden realm or what but i’m sure that’s what causing this weird issue

i also have a tendency to mash X to make the fight go faster and i was mashing as the game frozen both time

EDIT: i forgot to add, i’m playing as warden so when a unit attack it usually buff itself which triggers a free action so that might also be what’s causing the bug