1.0.3 - Windows - Projection trait (Proxigeist) is bugged

Projection trait (Proxigeist) is bugged atm and it causes Provoke to proc when adjacent allies Defend over the expected Defend.

To reproduce it all you need to do is simply Defend with a adjacent creature and see the Taunting !#@ appear over the shield

Ok, Proxigeist is even more bugged than simply that.
Somehow, when your creature attacks due to the Projection it uses the adjacent creature Artifact Spell AND on-attack spells, but not its own artifact spell or on-attack spells.

For the cast part, it seems to only cast non-etheral gems that they both have.

EDIT! FOUND THE BUG! Somehow, if the Proxigeist doesn’t have an on-attack spell gem equipped it’ll start using the on-attack spells AND the Artifact spell of the adjacent attacker. On the other hand if you equip it with an on-attack spell gem, it’ll use that and its own artifact spell.

EDIT2: Yeah no. Even equipping its own on-attack spells, sometimes it just casts the other guy on-attack or Artifact Spell. I don’t get it.